Scale Performance Without CapEx Costs by Running Ansys Fluent Workloads on Oracle® Cloud Infrastructure Featuring Intel® Xeon® Processors

Sagar Zanwar

Choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to Scale Performance While Avoiding Maintenance Costs of Similarly Configured On-Premises Hardware

Tough computational problems require additional resources to complete
workloads in a timely manner. That’s where high-performance computing (HPC)
solutions come in. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), which can involve millions
of hexahedral cells, is one such workload that HPC clusters run. Because CFD
workloads like Ansys Fluent simulations are so dependent on optimizing resources,
organizations typically run them in clusters that reside on premises. Oracle Cloud
Infrastructure (OCI) offers instances that can power these workloads in the cloud
with performance similar to on-premises clusters, without the hardware and
maintenance costs.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Intel Xeon processors offers the flexibility and
agility of the cloud while performing as well or better than expensive on-premises
hardware. Tests show that OCI HPC bare-metal cloud instances featuring Intel®
Xeon® Gold 6154 processors achieved similar or slightly better relative scaling
and performance for Ansys Fluent workloads compared to a similar on-premises
HPC environment.