27.09.2022 (mehrtägig), Berlin

Gas 2022

Souveränität und Versorgungssicherheit im Ausnahmezustand

Handelsblatt Jahrestagung

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Florian Feller Vorsitzender H2vorOrt, Leiter Klimastrategie & Politische Arbeit – erdgas schwaben gmbh
Catherine Gras CEO Storengy UK & Germany Managing Director – Storengy Deutschland GmbH Mehr Informationen

Catherine Gras has been Storengy UK and Germany CEO since 1 October 2018. Storengy is a fully owned subsidiary of ENGIE. Catherine Gras began her career in the ENGIE Group in 2001 with various roles in Mergers & Acquisitions and then later as CFO of a business unit. This was followed by positions in energy management and trading. Since 2016, she had been Managing Director of Storengy UK Ltd, for which she continues to act as Chairman of the Board. In October 2018 she joined Storengy Deutschland GmbH as the Managing Director. Catherine Gras holds a Master’s degree from the French ESSEC Business School. Before joining the ENGIE Group, she had worked for a private equity fund and the auditing company KPMG.