21.09.2023, München

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CxO Roundtable

Is ChatGPT a gamechanger in dealing with artificial intelligence or just the next hype?

Next CxO-Roundtable at 23.03.23 will be about generative artificial intelligence. CxOs can exchange their own experiences with ChatGPT, take a look behind the scence of generative AI and start an initial assessment of the current situation. A keytopic will be about the impact of AI on IT security.


For some years now, the use of artificial intelligence has been a topic that increasingly fascinates companies and society. Applications, for example for the translation of foreign languages with tools such as DeepL, have given a first lasting impression of how strongly applications with artificial intelligence can change processes and business models. Translators, a centuries-old profession that only highly qualified, and in any case multilingual, people could perform, suddenly have to fear for their jobs. With ChatGPT and Dall-E, two new tools that work with artificial intelligence emerged in November 2022 have been the subject of intense discussion in science, business and society ever since. Within a very short time, more than 1 million users have registered. Almost every day there is news in the media about what ChatGPT can achieve. In the environment of research of low-code-no-code it is investigated how good the quality of software written with the help of ChatGPT is. In this panel, from the general view of generative AI, we will mainly highlight the impact on IT security. In the future, there will be more and more internet traffic, so even more IT security will be needed. The more technology companies & society can use, the better the security will be.

Key topics:

  • ChatGPT disruptive – is it comparable to what the iphone meant for the development of mobile IT?
  • ChatGPT real talk –  a prototype with data before 2022
  • ChatGPT growth – Microsoft invests in Open AI (founder of ChatGPT and Dall-E) and probably integrates it into Microsoft´s World
  • ChatGPT secure – will there be more AI driven attacks in the future? How huge and dangerous will their be?

In short impulse speeches, top-notch personalities will present their experiences and insights, which we will then discuss in an open format. Find out how colleagues are responding to these difficult times, and join the discussion yourself. Bring your questions to the group – and take away fresh ideas for your own situation. The exclusive lunch discussion round is limited to a maximum of 15 selected participants. It will take place in a confidential environment, and will not be recorded. To make sure your topic gets enough time in the discussion round, please submit your questions, wishes and topics in advance to Juliane Giuliana, j.giuliana@handelsblattgroup.com We will be happy to feed them into the discussion proactively.

We also asked ChatGPT:

«As OpenAI model my answer is:

ChatGPT can be seen as a gamechanger for dealing with AI, as it is an advanced technology that enables natural language processing and understanding to be taken to a new level. It enables fast and effective communication between humans and AI systems, leading to a better user experience and higher adoption.

However, it is also important to note that ChatGPT is not the ultimate solution to all problems in dealing with AI and that it still needs a lot of research and progress in this area before it can be considered a real gamechanger.

In terms of hype, it’s fair to say that ChatGPT is undoubtedly generating a lot of excitement and interest, but it remains to be seen how the technology will develop in practice and whether it can actually fulfill its potential.“

The discussion will be held in English.